Barack That Thing Up

OK, so here’s the thing:

While I’m not apolitical, I generally consider the swapping of the hands inside the governmental puppet-head to be on par with Global Warming or winning the lottery…each and every participant obviously has a stake, and collectively the hoi polloi can create major changes, but on an individual level, it’s hard to see how flapping one’s butterfly wings creates the snowstorm over Timbuktu.

All that said, after some thorough research, I’ve come to embrace the audacity of hope, kids. Barack Obama has restored to me something I thought lost forever: my belief that a charismatic and dedicated individual (and those inspired by said individual) really can make a difference. As a result, I’m stumping for him in what I hope will be my first and only “race for the White House” post this year.

Seeing as we cannot, as a nation, afford four more years of unilateral, authoritarian, hawkish and anti-collaborative nincompoopery, I encourage you to learn more about the candidates in this election.

Whether you choose McCain, Obama, or someone else, the critical thing is that you PARTICIPATE. Flap those wings, and make it snow in Timbuktu! You don’t vote, you don’t get to complain (George Carlin’s contentious ranting to the contrary aside)…and come on, couldn’t we all use a little more proactivity?

But not in the “yogurt that helps you poo” way.


4 Responses

  1. I’m liking Obama for the most part. From what I can tell, McCain is running for Bush’s third term, and I don’t believe we can take another four years of that. The republican party has become something like an Elks club of crotchety old men who want everything to stay exactly like it is forever and ever. Enough of this. We need something to change. I can’t say if Obama will be a great president, but at least he will be different.

    And somebody bet fix the damn gas prices. I’m so so SOOOO sick of this horseshit.

  2. Ugh, tell me about it (actually, don’t, seeing as we’ve discussed it pretty thoroughly within these two sentences).

    Seriously, though, I’m attaching a horse to a Segway, adding a nitro mod, and going green! Plus some brown. You know, after.

    Amen on the crotchety old Elks line – although I don’t care if it’s a crotchety old Elk if he or she has some NEW, non-crotchety ideas – but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. I wonder about that Activia poo-inducing yogurt, because I was always told that yogurt has that special good kind of bacteria that helps regulate your digestion. And now Activia is trying to pretend like this is something special only they have.

    It’s like Chevron with Techron. Techron is just a trademarked name for an additive that all gasoline has!

    Things like this drive me mad.

  4. […] I promised a while back, I will NOT exhort you to vote for any particular candidate, but if you, like me, are ready to give […]

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