Sing…sing a sonnnnggggg….

So here’s the thing:

Autumn draws nigh, gentle readers, and as it approaches, my thoughts turn to fresh apple cider, to the crisp sound of fallen leaves beneath my Sketchers, to the smell of firewood, and, naturally, to my next theme song.

You see, every year or so, I refresh my personal theme song. This is the music I have selected for the day I am plucked from obscurity and asked to host an NPR talk show and/or a special segment on Morning Express entitled “Reasons Robin is Awesome.”

(Reason number 1,778: she once said “Holiday Shit Sales” on live television and continued as if nothing happened.)

Currently, my theme song is “Media Luna,” as recorded by Los Amigos Invisibles. This is the music playing on my mental iPod as I walk into work, when I am feeling the burn during a workout, or when I’m feeling great about life, and like my previous theme songs, I’ve sketched out a storyboard for the accompanying animation so that when I get all ambitious and manage to get some animator monkeys I can develop a short film around it.

Yes, I realize this isn’t normal. I’ve come to terms with it. No, I will not “just talk to the counselor.” I mean, really, who invites someone over for a barbeque and then stages an intervention? Not cool, guy – not cool.

But I digress.

So far, the contenders for Claire’s Theme Song 2009 are:

In Pea We Nuts by the Pinker Tones I’m a sucker for instrumentals, especially funky ones. I’m picturing an opening segment where I race through the streets of San Francisco on my motorcycle, fighting off various bad guys from Evil Corporate Entity before careening to a stop in front of the studio just in time for my show.

All That Matters by Todd Snider Beneath my Smaug-like, gem-encrusted hide beats the heart of a romantic, and my favorite Todd Snider song neatly embodies my feelings about all the yucky love stuff without being all dramatic and Hallmark Channel about it.

The Avery M. Powers Memorial Beltway by Ben Folds (sans Five) As I said, I’m a sucker for a good instrumental, and Folds has distilled Starsky and Hutch into a song that is all the more awesome for its inclusion of “Bah-da-bah-bah-bah-bah-baaaaaah” style backup and some solid musical construction that practically begs to be converted to visual narrative.

Calé Barí by Ojos de Brujo Ojos de Brujo is one of my favorite bands, blending a base of flamenco with electronica, world beats, and just about everything else into a delicious melange of multi-layered awesomeness. This track, with its layered and upbeat construction, as well as enthusiastic vocals, still rocks years after I bought the CD.

I’m sure you can see the fix I’m in, kids – how to choose just one? It’s like asking me to pick which niece or nephew I love the best (hint: the one that brings Aunt Claire a Diet Coke while she’s playing Mario Kart. That’s right, off you go!).

What about you? Any of you got a theme song you’re looking to refresh, or are you still jammin’ it to The Banana Splits?

14 Responses

  1. I have decided that I am going to eschew the theme song this year all together and simply hire James Earl Jones to do a CNN-type introduction for me.

    “This……Is Tara Derkins-Katherine.”

    I’ve not decided yet whether to include some dramatic news music afterwards or not yet.

  2. @Tara: I’ve often thought that incorporating the “Dun-dun!” from Law & Order would be a good stylistic note for my comings and goings.

    Claire’s House
    Monday, August 8th, 2008
    12:00 PM


    And so on.

    But the James Earl Jones idea is awesome. I’d want either him or the MicroMachines guy.

  3. I just want you to know that you suck.

    Why, you may ask? Because as soon as I saw the title of your post, Karen Carpenter kicked in and now I have that GAY-ASS CARPENTER’S SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD, POSSIBLY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.

    That was so uncool.

  4. @Sov: La, la, la-la, la la, la, la la-la la, la, la, la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaah….


  5. I was gonna say the same thing. Fucking Carpenters.

    Better “Sing” than “Close to You”, though….


  6. At least no one is on top of the of the world lookin down on creation… oops

    So on another note did you just use a quote from that train wreck of a show The Two Coreys?

    I made reference to the Banana Splits a few weeks ago at work. No one knew what I was talking about. Losers.

  7. @Karen: Great, now there are birds everywhere. Damn it!

    @Mollie: I had no idea how many Carpenters songs I know in their entirety until I wrote this post. It’s terrifying, really.

    What? They didn’t know who the Banana Splits were?!?!? Where do you work, THE MOON????

    Also, I didn’t intentionally quote either of The Two Coreys, but I now feel as though I should scrub with bleach.

  8. Kind of off topic, but this song has been spinning around in my head all day…..

    Baby come back, any kind of fool could see,
    There was something in everything about you.
    Baby come back, you can blame it all on me.
    I was wrong, and I just can’t live without you.


  9. Baby come back is not as bad as having this song by Peaches stuck in your head for about a week. I think its a really stupid song but it gets in your head and doesn’t want to come out. Its called F**k the pain away. Take a listen but you’ve been warned.

  10. @Jess: That is super-freakish, because I was singing that song this weekend with my friends Janae and Leah. Our telepathy is still intact, apparently!

    @Mollie: I ran away in fear when I read “this song by Peaches.” They could use that as a weapon in the War on Terror.

  11. I have only heard the one Peaches song and frankly thats more than I ever needed to hear. I think shes big in Germany but then so is the Hoff.

  12. Guess what’s spinnin’ today?

    Don’t know what I was thinkin’ of
    I guess I just wasn’t too bright
    Well, I sure hope I do better
    Next weekend on The Price Is Right, -ight, -ight

    I lost on Jeopardy, baby (oooh)
    I lost on Jeopardy, baby (oooh)
    I lost on Jeopardy, baby

  13. “Art Frilling…gave the answers…but I couldn’t get the questions right-ight-ight…

    I lost on Jeopardy!, baby…ooooh, ooh-oooh-ooooooooh…”

    Yeah, thanks for THAT, then. So much for my morning zen.

    I may have to do a post about songs people hate.

  14. Whatever!
    I’ve got to say it…..
    “Don’t hassle the Hoff.”
    Thanks for talking me out of the alcohol binge.

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