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This is my Wordle. I shall call her "Myrtle."

This is my Wordle. I shall call her "Myrtle."

So here’s the thing:

My pal Sov posted a Wordle on his blog recently (and if “posting a Wordle on his blog” isn’t a euphemism for something filthy and possibly illegal, well, it should be), inviting others to do likewise and then share the results.

So, here’s my Wordle. I’ve named her Myrtle, and she is made of love, crushed Nerds, and the thousands of words you’ve subjected your poor eyeballs to on this site.

I’m pleased to see “transgendered” right there in the middle of things (there’s some Wordle verisimilitude for you), along with “friends,” “God” and “know.” The only thing missing is Robin Meade, but we’ll assume that Myrtle included “important” as a stand-in for She Who Brings The Dawn.

Go on, then…make your own and let me know how it turns out!

2 Responses

  1. Claire, oh Claire, my long lost Claire. Are you just too busy to write anymore? I Left some blog love for you, just in case you missed it.

    I hope that things are good busy for you, and not icky busy!

  2. Aww, thanks, Tara!! I’ve been both icky busy and sick this week, but hope to make amends tonight and tomorrow with some make-up posts. So brace yourself for that, then!

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