Tour de Farce™ Week Five: of Illness and Illinois

Epic, isn't it?

Whew-ee, what a week!

I was very excited on Monday. This is the week I moved my daily miliage to 9, and would finally leave the wide, farm-laden expanses of Indiana in my tiny rear-view mirror, exchanging them for the welcoming, um…farm-laden expanses of Illinois. A completely different state! With several different letters in the name!

Yes, I had dreams, kids – dreams I still managed to fulfill, despite the aftermath of an accidental ingestion of  pork, the other death meat.

To wit:

MILES BIKED THIS WEEK: 45 (9.0 miles/day, Monday-Friday)



Weaver, Illinois is in Illinois. That much I’m sure of. Beyond that, I was unable, in my reconnaissance efforts, to discover anything about this sleepy little burg/village/municipality/backup for Area 51.

Seriously. Look up Weaver, Illinois on the InterWeb, and you know what you will find?


The site was experiencing “technical difficulties” when I tried to access it, and the city itself doesn’t seem to have an “official” website.

Clearly, I have stumbled upon the place the government used to film the moon landing, relocate the still-living but amnesiac JFK, and hide Megatron.

Either that, or Rod Serling had Weaver in mind back in the day.

Coming up next week: Fox Ridge State Park, Illinois, home of the most thorough and longest-lasting continuous fish studies in the United States. I know, I know…I can’t wait, either.

4 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you still managed to drag yourself onto that back even with the pukefest going on!! You are a far better woman than I, Claire.

  2. Ah, perhaps I can shed some light on Weaver. It is an unincorporated township… not an actual town with a seat or governance. The nearest town is Livingston, home of my dear friend Lance who is a farmer and a minister. He says that telling someone you live in Weaver is tantamount to saying, “I live on my farm… a big one… it’s named after my family.”

  3. @Tara: Thanks buddy! It was crappy, but the I would’ve felt even worse than I already did if I missed my workout!

    @Lav: Ah-ha! Mystery solved. I’m a little sad to hear that Megatron isn’t in a barn or something, though. Thanks for clearing this up – I guess my search for JFK will have to continue…

  4. You never know… Megatron and JFK might be there. But I wouldn’t stick around long enough to find out.

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