Not Dead Yet

Hi, kids.

Well, it’s been what, a month? Without a peep? Did I move to Switzerland? Win the lottery and die in a bizarre accident where I drowned while swimming in my money vault?


Things have just been very, very difficult for me of late. A few setbacks, a few heartaches, a few bouts of industrial-strength ennui that left me without the energy to even update this blog.

That’s all behind me now, however, and I’m looking forward to returning to the blogosphere this week. There’ll be an update to the Tour De Farce™, a few new posts about the usual nonsense, and maybe – just maybe – a brief excerpt from my nearly complete first novel.

So get ready to scoot slightly forward toward the part of your seat nearer the edge than the back but still a considerable distance from the edge, and hold on!

9 Responses

  1. We do miss you when you vanish like this, you know.
    It’s rather like living with a secret agent. One never knows when you are going to disappear, or for how long.

  2. Phew. I was beginning to worry.

  3. Yay for not being dead! Mr. Sov said you disappear from time to time, so I figured you’d be back at some point.

  4. I’m glad you aren’t dead. It’s hard to breath when you’re dead, and food tastes funny.

    We need to talk, by the way. Next year’s meeting-of-the-up in in SLC has hit a snag…

  5. Note: It’s even harder to breathe when you’re dead, let alone breath.

  6. @Tara: Aww! Thanks. And SHHH! – don’t blow my cover, lady! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to run a quick errand to Zanzibar with this ticking briefcase. Back in a few.

    @Karen: Thanks pal! No worries…sometimes the water closes over my head, is all.

    @Sra: Yay for non-death is right! Whoo! Yes, like Saturn or an unpleasant relative one is forced to endure at holiday gatherings, I always return eventually. 🙂

    @Sov: Food tastes horrible when you’re dead. Not to mention all the awkward stares at the diner.

    Oh, and I know about the snag…and then there were two, right? We will have a chat…e-mail me!

  7. I don’t believe it. I think you are dead. Or maybe undead. Perhaps it is zombie Claire that now reaches to us through the blogoshere.

    Well, you’ll never eat my brain!

    Eat Sov’s, it’s cajun!

  8. I hate that I am a “snag”.
    Glad to see you’re back!

  9. @Trov: Brains! Braaaaaaiiiiins!

    @Jessica: You’re not a snag, just your non-participation! Don’t feel bad, family should come first!

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