Seafaring Mutants Amok!

Which is my way of saying “It’s fun to make anagrams.”

Of all the linguistic toys available to speakers of English, the humble anagram has long been my favorite. As I travel through the world, I find myself automatically anagramming things to see if there’s some secret truth hidden behind the thin veneer of ostensibility. I’m not alone – Lewis Carroll (he of the inspired wit and possible secret identity as Jack the Ripper) was known to take the names of others and attempt to create anagrams from them that were in some way indicative of their owners’ natures (e.g. “Florence Nightingale”= “Flit on, cheering angel”), and of course, everyone who’s seen The Simpsons knows that “Alec Guiness” is an anagram of “Genuine Class.”

I decided to see if I could apply this bit of fun to myself, and came up with:

Claire Montserrat Jackson = A smart, stern, laconic joker

Which would be perfect if I were in any way laconic. However, since I pack more words into most days than Carter has pills, “laconic” ain’t exactly the word for me.

Of course, there’s always:

Claire Montserrat Jackson = A smart lactose corn jerkin

Which, since I do tend to wear fabrics made from milk and corn, is really awesome. Can’t really wear ’em for long in the sun, though. Phew!

Finally, I decided on:

Claire Montserrat Jackson = Larcenist can mortar jokes

While I do not condone larceny in any form (grand or petty), I may or may not be guilty of that crime from time to time, and of course, nobody knows a bombed joke better than I do.

Once the insanity started, of course, I couldn’t stop:

Desktop Support = Dorks test pop-up
Claire de Lunacy = Neural Delicacy (also, “I declare lunacy,” but we won’t examine that one too closely)
The Sultry but Angelic Robin Meade = Celebrated Lesbian Might Turn You (also “Try Humoring Detectable Lesbian”)

What about you, kids? Got any good anagrams you’d like to share?


5 Responses

  1. I’m just gonna say it now: I think I read your blog mostly to see if that intelligence might rub off on me. For realz. How many bloggers can honestly say that their readers teach them more about Uranus than they already knew?

    And now anagrams?!?!?!?!

    Not. Worthy.

  2. @Karen Aww, thanks, lol.

    Of course, there is a trade-off. You know the parts of your brain that contain common sense and the ability to establish successful romantic relationships?

    Nothing in mine but old issues of Smithsonian, truckloads of Trivial Pursuit cards, and a beat-up Rosetta Stone.

  3. I slay in Trivial Pursuit.

  4. The best anagram from my name comes to “Headman Newbie Jerk”, which carries a lot of truth.

    For Cede Nullis I like “I Cell Nudes” or “Cell Undies”.

  5. If you like anagrams you really ought to know tam had kink.

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