33 Years

Tomorrow I’ll have
thirty-three full years of age
and unknown years to go.

Tomorrow I will
celebrate palindromic
numeric status.

Tomorrow I’ll be
the age I was so sure I
would be world famous.

Tomorrow I’ll let
my crush take me to lunch and
pretend we’re in love

Tomorrow I’ll mark
my first birthday as Claire
both inside and out.

Today, though…today
I am just a girl who now
understands at last

That time gives and takes
that love is indeed what it
is cracked up to be

That regardless of
deep, deep discounts, plaid will
NEVER be my friend

That losing weight for
anyone but yourself is
pure idiocy

That calories count
even if no one sees you
eat that crate of chips

That a true friend can
save your life without knowing
How close the end was

That loving yourself
is the best way to ready
yourself to love

And that who we were
Need not be who we become
In our tomorrows.

13 Responses

  1. How cool that I have only ever known you to be Claire. I am so glad that I wandered in and decided to stick around. It’s fun here. Happy birthday!

  2. Amen. I especially like the penultimate stanza. My mom needs to learn that one.

  3. Oh, and of course Happy Birthday!

  4. @Tara: I’m glad you decided to stick around, too. 🙂 Thanks for the birthday wishes! 🙂

    @Sra: Thanks buddy! It’s a lesson that’s hard to learn (and hard to remember).

  5. Yes indeed, happy birthday. 33 years, eh? You’re a third of the way there! Of course, perhaps they’ll cure aging in the next couple of decades, so maybe you’re only just beginning. At any rate, the number 33 has good symmetry to it.

    I’m not sure what Dusky Dolphins are or why they relate to your birthday.

    You and I are both a bit off the pace of the world famous thing. I’ve pretty much decided at this point that I’ll trade in the fame for a shitload of money. I think that’s a good compromise.

    Enjoy 33. Big things could happen.

  6. Happy 33rd and 1st birthdays.

    Hmmm…does that make you 34?

  7. @Sov Thanks! Yeah, the Dusky Dolphins have nothing in common with me other than the writer of the post had a birthday too. Which they apparently felt best expressed by snapshots of dolphins. At dusk.

    Oh, I still plan to be famous, but if it doesn’t happen in a few years, I’m shooting for infamous. Stay tuned.

    @Trov: Actually, you take the average, so I’m actually only 17. Whoo! Let’s go hang out at the quarry and drink Boone’s farm while we bitch about our parents and how crushingly significant every feeling we have is! Whoo!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY! hope that you have a relaxed, happy celebration of you! Love and hugs to you. 😉

    How I love the blog and reading you as always. I love your wit!
    I remember 33…oh gosh, 20 years ago, wow. Would you believe that when I was 33, I went to a drug rehab? I am old! I hate that part of life, but as I live, I am gaining wisdom for the end of life or maybe even the next. LOL

  9. By the way, I am very glad that you made it through your first year infancy. Happy first birthday!~ Celebrate you and know that I am glad that you were born.

  10. Happy birthday, friend.

    Have fun breaking in 33. I will join you in 28 days.

    Until then I’ll bask in the youth that is 32.


    ….so whoop ‘dee ‘do and dickory dock
    Don’t forget to hang up your sock!


  11. That loving yourself
    is the best way to ready
    yourself to love


    Happy Birthday, friend.

  12. lol@ jessica
    He’ll be coming down the chimney dooooooooooooown
    yeah thanks to Meijer for that being burned in my brain for the rest of my life.
    Claire, hope your day is everything you want it to be! Happy Birthday!

  13. So….
    I actually went into Meijer yesterday!
    I know it must have had something to do with your birthday, Claire.
    I was just pulled in. Was the mother-of-all-retail-ships calling me home? Nah, I just needed a gallon of milk.
    Which by the way, really pisses me off! Who do they think they are cramming the milk in a cooler as far away as possible?! Do they really believe just because I have to walk by countless aisles of overpriced crap on my way to get milk….I will become confused and throw Palmer minty bells, crackers, a loaf of bread, a gift pack of lip balm and a cute M&M dispenser that reminds me of a combination between a magic 8 ball and a pop’a magic bubble from the game Trouble?! Say it isn’t so!!!!
    I didn’t buy any of that crap, but I thought about it.
    And that really ticks me off. Why should Meijer have that kind of power?!
    In fact, it ticked me off so much I bought a pack of dark chocolate M&M’s when I went through the fancy u-check line.

    I haven’t been into Meijer for at least a year or two. I blame you, Claire!

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