Claire De Lunacy™: The Andromeda Spam

Author’s Note: I have intermittently drawn and published a cartoon strip in one form or another for most of my life. This strip is new and will be the first I’ve created since I’ve begun transition. As with all my creative endeavors, I hope you enjoy it and will share your thoughts with me as it progresses.

Claire De Lunacy February 22nd, 2009


8 Responses

  1. your boobs are awesome!

    love it, can’t wait to read more.

  2. Sham wow made me giggle

  3. I don’t get sham wow, but I like the play on virus, and the style and graphics are awesome. Your boobs totally do rock. Can I get some of those in real life?

  4. @Mollie Yay!

    @Sra Thanks a bunch. The “ShamWow” thing will come into play later (I don’t know how often you check your spam folder, but the f-ing ShamWow is in there almost as often as the Slanket for me).

    ClaireBoobs have not yet been perfected for real-life. I plan to do the prototype testing on myself sometime next year. 😉

  5. Oh no…tell my you’re not one of those ‘walks around all the time with a bluetooth doohickie in his/her ear’ people!!

    Nice comic though. I have fooled around with making a comic of my own, as I have become somewhat obsessed with some web-comics.

    Good luck on the fun-bag thing.

  6. @Trov You know, I actually HATE my Bluetooth. It irritates my ear and I throw it in my purse every chance I get. But when driving, absolutely.

    And thanks!

    PS – “Good luck on the fun-bag thing” will probably be on at least one of the get-well cards I receive after.

    PPS – And while we’re on the subject, “fun bag” has to be one of the weirdest euphemisms for breast. I mean, I get the idea, but it seems so…I don’t know, like something from Wham-O! “Try the new Wham-O! Funbags…available in small, medium, and I may have another job you don’t know about in the evenings.”

  7. I giggled at ShamWow! Got love a cartoon that makes you laugh

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