Claire De Lunacy™: Going Meta

Claire De Lunacy™: Going Meta

Yeah, yeah, I know, I suck. The computer I use to create this strip is currently on the fritz. In order to get today’s strip posted, I was forced to apply some sort of black stick to a strange white substance the locals call “paper.” Also, there was no Ctrl+Z (I checked), no cut, no paste…just me, swearing and scribbling over my lunch break. Our story will resume when my PC is fixed, and this feature will be restored to its former, er, glory.

2 Responses

  1. That’s so… 20th century. I remember when I used to use the stick thing on the flat white stuff to make pictures. This was back when the stick thing would flake away and you had to stick it in a device and turn a crank to make the stick thing “sharp” enough to make marks. I wonder whatever happened to those.

  2. Several days and only one comment? Now you know who your real friends are. 😉

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