A Time For Heroes

So here’s the thing:

I live in Ohio, a state known more for its election-swaying and obese presidents than its heroes (Neil Armstrong and Rodger Young aside).

That’s about to change, however: ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new hero in town.

Shadow Hare, as he is known to the grateful citizens of The Queen City, is a man on a mission. Armed only with a taser, handcuffs, pepper spray and a high, somewhat nasally voice, Shadow Hare has taken to the streets of Cincinnati to combat crime, doling out Citizen’s Arrests like they’re going out of style. And you know what? Good for him, I say.

Seriously, here is a guy willing to endure not only the ridicule of law enforcement and the public at large, but risk physical injury in order to help others (Shadow Hare reports that he suffered a dislocated shoulder while intervening in an assault last year).  And he’s not alone – Mr. Hare (?) is  the leader of a handful of heroes in the Allegiance of Heroes, a nationwide network of heroes determined to fight crime wherever it rears its hideous, gore-flecked head.

(Or at least crime of a reasonably mild nature. I don’t think these guys are going after Osama anytime soon.)

Part of me is understandably critical of a scrawny pipsqueak who runs around dressed like the bastard lovechild of Donnie Darko’s  Frank and a drunk mime. The other part of me is inspired by the courage inherent in such an act, saying to the world “I will be a doer and not simply one to whom things are done.”  We are a nation in crisis – no, crises, and the feeling of utter powerless that comes from being buffeted by forces beyond one’s control is frightening in its intensity. Obviously,  not everyone responds by donning pajamas and a mask, but it’s still heartening to see the desire to make things better rather than succumb to the slow decline of atrophy and corruption.

Thoughts, dear readers?

4 Responses

  1. I think that anytime anyone makes a decision to make something, be something, DO something, it is a good thing. Maybe some scrawny pipsqueak will make a difference somewhere. Maybe he will bring hope and motivation to just the right place.

    I think the more we take our power back, in whatever way works for us, the better off we are. I do it by planting vegetables. The Shadow Hare flies in the face of normalcy and rescues people from petty crime. I really think it’s sort of beautiful.

  2. I read about this guy yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m a huge superhero fan, so I’d be a total hypocrite to be anything more than impressed by this guy. It takes courage and guts (and, yes, maybe a little stupidity…).

    I won’t be throwing a cape and spandex anytime soon, but I understand his urge to fix things and make them better.

    On a side note, though- Shadow Hare? Really? You have your whole life to come up with a Superhero name that people are actually going talk about and you choose Shadow Hare? Oh well, to each their own, right?

  3. While the cynic in me says he is probably just some screwed up guy that read too many comic books, I am also a little jealous. I kind of wish I was out there saving people superhero style.

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