OSI: “Rescue”

I’m once again participating in the poetry fun over at One Single Impression. If you enjoy poems and awesomeness of various stripes, why not pay them a visit?

This week, the prompt is “Allow,” a verb that affects a lot of us in very different ways.  For me, understanding that a life without risk is a life without reward was an uphill battle. By (slowly) learning to relax my guard, I’ve learned that being open may leave you vulnerable to harm, but it’s also the only way to really connect with yourself, the world, and others.

With that in mind, I give you:


She was fond of rules
They gave a shape to her world
Reined in all her fears.

As if by saying
“You may do this, and not that.”
She was in control.

Such a flimsy shield
Against the terrors without and
The chaos within.

She told herself that
A heart safe from harm, a soul
safe from slings & arrows

Justified a life
Bound by reserve and distance
Of closing herself

Locked away inside
This fortress, her heart still sang,
Her soul still yearned.

But in those grey walls,
The song was heard but faintly,
her soul could not soar.

There came, then, at last,
A day when fear of chaos
Fell to fear of rot

And she saw the walls
As they were – not a fortress,
But a grim prison.

A shelter from harm
But also a barrier
To love and to life.

She threw wide the doors
Sweet summer wind rushing in
Warmth replacing chill.

Shoulders squared, she
Clung fast to heart and soul, and
Stepped into the sun.

8 Responses

  1. WOW!! An absolutely breathtaking piece, and an amazing writeup as well… What you say is so true, for a lot of us.. To let our guard down.. is probably the only way, to open up ourselves in order to be able to percieve and assimilate the world around us.. but the initial process can be so profound.. it is more like exposing a fragile, covered and protected piece to the violent and gusty winds…

  2. @The Dark Lord Thanks so much! Yes, the irony of true openness is the struggle to relax…so much energy is required to not expend energy on defense….but you’re right, without that openness, by holding ourselves apart, we can only observe life instead of living it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Very nice… ;o) (Now I understand why so few of my poems get comments – they’re hard to comment on… appreciation is usually silent…)

    I am SO happy you posted this blog and created that poem because that site is going to make poetry weekends on my blog rock that much harder!!!

    • Hey, thanks so much! Yeah, poetry commentary is always a bit dodgy – how does one do it without nattering on ad infinitem or seeming insincere?

      I’m always happy to hear when my blog actually improves someone’s life, though…can’t wait to check out your site and poems too! 😀

  4. This made me think of Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily. A wonderful poem. Thank you.

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  6. She ‘stepped into the sun’. If that is you, what a fortunate person you are! And fortunate to be able to write like that too!

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