Claire & Company Winter Wallpapers

Happy Holidays, Horde!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I thought I might share with you a little gift: FREE holiday wallpaper, featuring the characters from my very-occasional comic, “Claire & Company!” (also known as “Claire De Lunacy,” depending on the vintage!)

Anyway, here they are.  Consider them a lil’ “Thanks!” for being a reader.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Oscar is what we call a "special needs" cat.

Oscar is what we call a "special needs" cat.


Claire De Lunacy™ – Back to, ahem, “Normal.”

Claire De Lunacy™ - Back to, ahem, "Normal."

Aaaand…we’re back! Claire’s got the PC repaired, and Tom’s feeling a lot better…but there seems to be trouble ahead.

Claire De Lunacy™: Going Meta

Claire De Lunacy™: Going Meta

Yeah, yeah, I know, I suck. The computer I use to create this strip is currently on the fritz. In order to get today’s strip posted, I was forced to apply some sort of black stick to a strange white substance the locals call “paper.” Also, there was no Ctrl+Z (I checked), no cut, no paste…just me, swearing and scribbling over my lunch break. Our story will resume when my PC is fixed, and this feature will be restored to its former, er, glory.

Claire De Lunacy™: A Little Unorthodox

Claire De Lunacy™: A Little Unorthodox

Claire arrives at BP Jones, ready to save Tom from the Andromeda Spam (and himself) but finds out he’s already being “helped” by the company nurse.

Claire De Lunacy™: You’ve Got Mail…of DOOM!

Claire De Lunacy 02-23-2009

Claire’s friend Tom gets an e-mail link and sets into motion a series of events more horrifying than the idea of a Paulie Shore retrospective.