It’s alive! Alive, I tell you – ALIVE!

So here’s the thing:

After hearing a recent episode of Trans-ponder wherein it was mentioned that we, as transpeople, are often the ambassadors to the non-trans people in our lives, forced by the necessity of circumstance to be tour guides to our own existence, I thought to myself, “What we need is a primer. A basic guide that can serve as a sort of jumping off point for people to learn more about the transgendered experience.”

It was only much later that I realized someone else had, you know, ALREADY DONE THIS.

However, toiling in my hubris and my glee, I have at last cried “Havoc!” and released the dogs of edutainment – or at least my version of it – and Claire’s Transgender Primer for the Curious, Apprehensive or Confused is now, yes, ALIVE.

If I may, once again, gentle reader, impose upon your kindness and ask that you read it, review it, and let me know your thoughts, I shall be as grateful as the parched desert nomad who, finding his water skin empty and his camel dead, stumbles upon the shady banks of an oasis, its trees ripe with coconuts, its water as pure and sweet as the saltless tears of a thousand virgins.

Or at least, you know, appreciative. Whatever.



Hi, kids.

Well, this Primer was a bit ambitious to tackle in a single busy weekend, but I anticipate its completion by tomorrow evening. Stay tuned!


Primer-palooza closes tonight!

Hi, kids.

Just a quick note to remind you all to get your questions/input to me via e-mail, blog post or cloned, reanimated passenger pigeon by tonight at midnight EST (So tomorrow at midnight, really, but when you say that, you end up in a “Who’s on first” style conversation and suddenly everything’s in black and white, and you and your buddy Lou Costello are mugging it up).

I’ve been SUPER impressed and pleased by all the input we’ve had so far! I’m hoping for an equally large turnout from my trans friends in response to your questions and comments!

Remember, you can either post your question right here, or e-mail me at my e-mail address.

Thanks to all! Stay tuned!